Saturday, January 27, 2007

Shoot The Core update and game T-shirts

My other website, Shoot The Core, just underwent a huge redesign. So if you like shmups at all, you should go check it out. Or if you don't know what a shmup is, go check it out.

Also, to celebrate, I'm offering STC T-shirts pictured above. It's gaming related, so readers of ADITLOVG might be interested.

The store has been relatively normal lately. I sold about 4 used PS2s yesterday, and almost all of them were replacement models for systems that had worn out or broken. Granted one was a brick model that they probably had since launch, but with all this Microsoft bashing, I can't let Sony feel left out and find them crying in the corner due to lack of attention.


GothieGirl said...

ok now am glad i got to post some where and you all know me from the video try and guess haha heres a hint am kind of cranky:P
Hunter knows me maybe.

GothieGirl said...

Postman its me the one who seems to have strange people fellow me into the video store lol :P and also i posted on shoot the core its cool