Thursday, January 04, 2007

The Prices Are Right!

We have this guy who is in his late 30s...he comes and says nothing. If you say hi to him...nothing...ask him for help...nothing. I hate when people don't answer you when you try to be nice and say hi....but anyway.

He has never bought anything in the 4 years i been here....and he comes in at least once a week.... So of course i always wonder why he even bothers to come in... day he comes in..and brings a gameboy advance to the counter. Needless to say i was shocked...i start to ring it up..then i look at the price...and my boss who put it out forgot a number...usually we sell them for 49.95.....but this one was marked 9.95....and so...i now understand why he comes in. Of course i told him no....and he gives me a hard time...but i win of course...its not like the guy is our best customer or something and actually spends money. So i told him no and he left mad. Two weeks later..hes back at it...acting like nothing happened.

To this day everytime he comes in and leaves without brining something up to the counter we know "The prices are right! woohoo!" I been here 5 and a half years now...and he still hasnt paid a penny in our store...and he comes in every week...i dont get it...i guess he must be bored or something....and it makes me wonder what other stores he goes to and does the same thing...


Interbutts said...

What a sleez. i guers cause the store is Bandit he's gonna get a steal. HA HA!...Oh wow....That was really, really bad... >.>;

On a completely unrelated note, I Came in today, I bought your last copy of elebits :D

Postman said...

Wow, our first internet based customer! You should point yourself out to one of us next time you're in.....or do something really crazy and get a writeup! ;)

Interbutts said...

will do. im coming when " smooth moves" comes out. 2 things that you dont find surfing the intertubes
-"bandit" Customers

Caleb said...

Dude he is stealing stuff.