Friday, December 22, 2006

Call of Booty

Since a game store falls into the realm of bartering more than most other retail outlets, you get your share of people trying to haggle you for every penny they can on traded material. Most of the time this won't work very well, since prices are set in the computer. However there are some hot items that merchants will pay a little more for, and there's always that rare game you want for yourself that you are willing to spill the beans for - but you can't let it show.

And let's not forget the female customers that try to charm the pants off you. A store about women manipulating game store clerks? Yeah, lets go there.

These two girls come in the store with a stack of DVDs looking to sell. Keep in mind these movies are the usual crap that we already have sitting in the bins - Hellboy, Shrek, Spiderman, Harry Potter, and Star Wars Episodes I, II, and III - stuff I'm really tired of looking at. These girls talk to me a little bit, and then they're like "Yo dude, hook us up a bit." Here's the pitch, it's a fastball right down the center of the plate.

Now any female attention is nice, but I had to call these sirens out on their bluff. I explained to them that I could give them a little extra, but where would that leave me? We're running a business to make money, and after I overpay for crap movies that I already have ten copies or more of, I'll never see you two again. Know what the response was?

"We'll stop in and visit you......."

Yeah right. Every week you're going to remember to go visit the video game store to fulfill a non-contractual obligation that binds you into spending some time with the guy who gave you a few extra bucks for DVDs. I highly doubt that. After paying them the usual price, they came back with "I guess we're just not cute enough for him then." I could almost see :( appearing above their heads. And truth be told, not only were they of average looks, checking their ID for trading showed they were also 10 years my youngers.

And I never saw the "hook us up" girls again. Same response as if I would have hooked them up or not.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Retrogaming Rules!

It's amazing to me how much we still sell from our "retro corner" at the back of the store. I'd have to say that it's pretty close to being a 1:1 ratio between customers coming in to ask about the PS3/Wii, and the 30-somethings who want the NES cart of Tecmo Bowl because it bring back memories of playing it daily after school. While other big name gaming chains are turning away from carrying older NES, Genesis, and N-64 games, we are blowing them out the door. I even mention to NES buyers that the Wii will be able to play them via the virtual console, and the responses I get are either "too expensive", "Wiis are unavailable", or "I want the original cart and controller, it's nostalgic."

Nintendo has really struck a nerve with both that generation of gamers, and the simplistic yet fun games it released. Perhaps when facing the high prices of next-gen gaming, the short suppliy of consoles and uncertainty of developer support of the PS3, backward is the only way to go for consumers.

To get you into the retrogaming mood, check out some classic NES soundtracks done in the rocked out style by either the Minibosses or the Kode.

I have too much time......

Yes, I'm a straight man who likes to watch Gilmore Girls, deal with it.

When things are slow and there's not much to write about, expect more Photoshop fun like this.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Why? Way? WEE? Wii?

We been really busy here lately(note lack of updates by me) and of course a lot of the buzz is for the new systems. So far it seems like Nintendo is cleaning up and Sony is crying. I get calls every single day to buy a Ps3. At first we were buying them for when we got about 5 or so and were still getting calls I told my boss that these things are so easy to we are paying 600....offering people their money back for those who dont actually want the system and got it for selling on Ebay.

Apprently everyone had the great idea to make a buncha money on Ebay and now the market for it is total crap. Thus the reason we are getting so many in. Wii on the other hand..we cant get enough. We cleaned house on the 11 wii sets we had making some nice money. but, we get no one asking to sell their Wiis....everyone just wants to buy them.

Seems like we have a changing of the guard on the system front. I guess no one console can stay in front forever.....and Sony's arrogant bastard staff helped destroy the console IMO. I played the set for 4 hours here at work messing around and learning the system for furture questions and help people may need and the 'killer app"? for the nothing more than a call of duty clone IMO...but worse....My verdict is wait a few months on the PS3...not a bad system but nt ready for the market yet...

Getting back to the selling of the Wiis...its so funny listening to all the people and how they ask for it....excuse you have a nintendo why? Yeah i'm looking for a Nintendo Way? Do you guys have a WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE? Yes....i really got that.....haha...its funny...people are coming up with all new stuff everyday. Its enjoyable. One thing i noticed is people of all ages and boys and girls alike are all coming in for em. Congrads Nintendo...seems like ya got a winner.