Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!

Welcome to 07 everyone! It's been mad busy at the store, but that's a given with the holidays upon us. Not only has it been hectic with Christmas, the frenzy has carried over to the new year since people now have gift cards and new consoles they need to feed games into. I'd have to say that Nintendo is the big winner this season - everyone coming into the store is either looking for a Wii or a DS Lite. First runner up is the PSP - there's a sudden explosion in that area too.

While on the subject of the PSP, could Sony make that thing any more complicated to use? I had a customer in asking how to use the PSP remote play feature with a PS3. I only used our demo monolith set to play Resistance, so I have no idea, but told him I'd research it on the net and get back to him. I printed out THREE pages of instructions on how to set up PSP wireless networks and input the SSID codes and calculate the DHPC key rounding off to the nearest whole number and answering the questions three and dodging the posion darts to put the replacement idol on the PS3 stand so the giant Sony boulder doesn't roll over you. Sony needs to understand that this is America. Most people can't handle something more complicated then turning on a power switch. What they need is a little icon of a PSP with an arrow pointing to a PS3 set and a big happy face. One click on that should set up remote play.

Anyway, have a great new year everyone, we've got a lot of gaming to do, with the Wii and PS3 just getting off the ground, and the 360 hitting stride with Gears of War and Halo 3.