Wednesday, January 10, 2007

360 woes

Seems like everywhere I look these days, someone is mentioning an X-Box 360 that has died on them. I've read it on a few gaming blogs, I had a customer bring back a red-ringed set the other day (what a hassle this is - first you suggest for them to contact M$, then when they don't feel like doing that, swap the set for another one and send it back to M$ yourself, or lose several hundred dollars.) What ever happened to product quality? I remeber back in the 90's buying video games was a complete 100% no-hassle deal. I buy a SuperNES, it works, I take it home and play it. End of story. Granted systems were not mini computers like they are today, but it seems that as "progress" increases, the frequency of headaches rises proportionately.

I've been holding off buying a 360 as long as possible - since I'm a huge shmup fan, the deciding factor is Treasure's upcoming project, which probably won't go cross platform. I've got my fingers crossed that the new wave of 360s will fix all its woes and make it a console I can rely on.


Interbutts said...

hell yeh! SHMUPS 4 LYFE lol. seriously tho, i gotta say the BEST shmup i ever played was "einhander" for the PSX. Square's first and last shmup , my FAVORITE hands down. neways, wuts up with 360? the lock is random too and really frickin' annoying. I was in the middle of a " gears" tourney when mine went all John Locke on me. i wanted to cry. A. COG IS CHEAP B. i was 2nd 3. i couldn't figure out what the hall and oates was wrong with my shitmacine... i mean 360. got a new one from the overlord.., imean microsoft.

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