Saturday, February 03, 2007


Well, looks like I have to settle for second place at the GH compo. About 10 people showed up to compete, with a few more to watch.

I had a bad feeling when I stopped in earlier in the week to ask about the setlist. "Six, Jordan, Psychobilly Freakout, Hangar 18, etc." Wow, they weren't messing around. I thought you would at least start slow and work your way up, but they jumped right into the hardest tracks in the game.

First round was Hangar 18, and one loss knocked you out of the compo. Each set of two players would stick with this song until the next round. I wasn't too worried when I noticed most of the beginning players weren't even using star power. Two players looked like serious contenders though......Next was Psychobilly, which I felt good with, but when my turn came to play they switched it up to Six. I thought I was toast until the other player said he didn't even know that song.....guess he didn't venture into the bonus material at all. I fumbled my way through it but still managed to rock just a bit harder.

So by the third song two guitar heros remained standing, and I'm dreading the final song. Automatic assumption is Freebird, but no, they decide to go with Jordan, which has insane solos. And guess what, the other guy could handle them pretty well. We stated out even but I fell apart midway through the song. Having a differnet song might have produced different results, but HOPO's were the death of me. It was fun just to compete and hopefully competitive gaming will become much more popular in the future.


Taylor M said...

Well second isn't so bad. I haven't played GH II yet because I'm waiting for the 360 version. The first one was amazing though.


CorranThorn said...

Yeah, definitely waiting for the Xbox360 version. I'm worried bout the cost of peripherals though.