Friday, February 23, 2007

Messing around with my Wii

I've had some playtime with the Wii now, enough to give it a fair evaluation, and I think if they don't make some extremely high quality, call-out-of-work-to-play-this-game level material, the Wii is going to totally fizzle out. Some of the more recent games, such as Wario Ware (pictured)and Elebits are fun for a short while, but the heart of the game is just exploiting the Wii hardware for what it can do. Wii Play has been called a Wiimote with a tech demo packaged along with it, and I have to agree. Think of the Wii as the hot chick you spot at some social event. She's elusive and hard to find, and when you do work up the nerve to talk to her, after 20 minutes you realize she's a complete moron. She functions, can hold a conversation, and makes a good first impression, but when it comes time to talk about important things, she just doesn't show up.

So how do I score the "next gen" as of now?
Wii - Fine for casual play, but not serious gamers. Hopefully Mario Galaxy and Metroid Prime 3 will change my opinion a bit.
360 - Still in Beta testing. Seriously Microsoft, we don't want to rent a console for $400 for a one year term. Know why they call it a 360? Because that's it's shelf life before it dies on you.
PS3 - I honestly think Sony is TRYING to fail with this thing. Just today I read that Europe is getting a downgraded ps2 compatibility system. The list of Sony screwups keeps getting longer and longer......

My solution? Enjoy the ps2 for now, and the great library it has to offer. Four words for you if you disagree: God of War 2.


Robin said...

Don't misjudge the Wii dude.

I work in a video game outlet in the UK, and there isn't a 5 minute interval without

"*bring bring* Good morning .... Where you can now trade in your old games for discount, how can I help? What.. Wiis? Sorry, we don't have any in stock. We should ge them in next week. No we don't know what day, we are at the mercy of the Nintendo supplier. Okay, thankyou, good bye! *click* ... Damn customers ringing me up..."

As for gameplay, I just picked up Excite Truck, and it's fun, but as you said, nothing so far has made me want to call in sick. I have high hopes for SMG. Maybe once they start making some online games, they will start getting serious.

This blog is hilarious. I have the DS kid. Like the dreamcast kid, only about three foot tall, and constantly playing on his DS. And talks non-stop about pokemon. Yeesh!

Postman said...

Hey Robin -

I am sympathetic on the demand of the Wii - every shift I get at least three calls asking for them, and then when they are going to come in (which for us they won't). It's still insanely popular right now, but I think it will fizzle.

I think every store has the same customers in a different form. Mine's DC, yours is DS, yet they act the same. I need to start a support group for game retailers ;)

Hunter said...

I love my wii...zelda was great...but i wish they would fix some zelda was nice...but i wanna swing the sword myself...not just motions..thats my main gripe...and i loved trauma center...

and you should know half of these people with 360s dont know what they are doing....they put it under other sets..or in entertainment sets and they overheat..just keep it out in the open and you will be fine..we never had a prob with mine. =p
just suck it up already...

ps3....gimme a god damn game thats worth playing...please....or put MGS4 and FF on 360 and i'll never buy it...=p

oh yeah...and excite truck..i wanna like that game so bad....but i feel like it was thrown together in a month =/