Saturday, August 05, 2006

Outrageous pricing

I had a customer once that was buying some PS2 games, and she said she would be shipping them to her family, who lived in Trinidad. I asked her about the gaming scene there, and she said it was expensive......MAD expensive. One ps2 game would cost $400 (is she thinking Neo Geo?) I don't know how true this is, but I know I'm not paying a cent over $200 for my lastest GTA cloned game.....

I had just purchased an original NES system and collection of games - we still deal with "retro" gaming, even though most larger stores such as Gamestop have phased them out. I had the set on the floor behind me, and a younger guy buying something said "oh, you're lucky to have a NES, they go for like $700 on E-bay!". I didn't argue with him, since I just saw it on ebay for around five bucks including some games. People just seem to love to inflate how much stuff is worth.........I tried to sell him an Atari 2600 for $32,000 but no sale ;(

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