Wednesday, August 30, 2006

So when ya closing?

Human beings have an innate longing to see each other fail. Somebody trips, everyone around them points and laughs. Nascar - if you don't see a crash, you feel cheated of your five hours of watching cars go around in circles. Bush gets elected for another four years. Watching others fail can make us feel better about ourselves, right? Seems like that same thought process translates into other people's businesses also.

I constanly have people come up to me when checking out asking, "so, when are you guys closing down?" I'm in pretty good with the staff there, being one of the three of them myself, so this usually comes as a shock. Did I not get that memo? I think since we're a small store people think we're doomed to failure. Here are some of the reasons why people have assumed we are closing up shop:

1) The shelving has been rearranged. We have the store divided by consoles, with DVD movies mostly in the middle. The owner likes to move things around every few months to keep things interesting. Everytime this happens, customers panic and think it's game

2) "You didn't get a copy of the new release (insert really obscure game here) in. Are you closing?" No, that game just won't sell.

3) There's more than two empty spaces on the shelf. All this means is that we have other customers with similar interests, such as gaming.

4) We were either closed for a holiday, or opened up five minutes late one day.

5) "I haven't seen the owner the last three times I've been in - are you selling the business?"

6) There arent any used consoles for sale. This is rare, since consoles come in frequently, but there are times when nobody wants to ditch their PS2, and we must be belly up if we don't have any.

7) The .25 cent candy machines are empty.

8) The demo 360 unit is switched off.

So remember people, unless the door is barred and it's pitch black inside, and as long as there are games to be bought and sold, we'll be there for ya......

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