Friday, August 25, 2006

Everyone is a tough guy

So i had some guy come in for a Madden. He wanted me to sell it to him tax free cause "All i have is 50 man." I told em...i couldnt help em...we have to pay taxes. He insisted that what i said was i told em to take it up with the state. He then kept saying i was full of shit and told me i was charging to much for tax. So i said 7%....gotta pay it. Then he tells me that the local walmart was selling it for 35$. So i told em "Thats good for them...go buy it there then."

So knowing he is not going to win this battle he tells his friend..."oh man lets hurry up and get outta here before i beat this kid up." I'm pretty avg for a guy....but this guy was almost dwarf sized and about half my weight...i couldnt help but smile and laugh a then what happens? Of course he puts Madden on the counter and buys it..full price with tax. Me being the cocky bastard i am sold it with a smile. Not just any smile...I probably coulda been the new joker with the smile i had on my face. Oh yeah, he paid with 60 dollars....haha...and once all said and done he told me thanks and have a nice day...haha..

Ya know....why do ya have to come in here acting like a tough guy for a video game...its my job to make money and i dont care who he is...hes not going to get it discounted cause he comes in and acts tough. Actually I almost overcharged him cause he tried pulling that crap. Just goes to show ya why i give up on people...what was he going to do if i acted more cocky to em...punch me and go to jail over a price of a video game? Really...we make dollars off new games...dollars...its not like i am getting over on anyone...

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