Thursday, August 10, 2006

Beggers can be losers..........

Here's an incident that almost ended my retail gaming career before it even got started. This took place shortly after I was hired for the store, I think about my third shift in. I had several things going on at once, which is the usual when you're the only person working the store. I'm waiting on a guy in line buying a lot of new release movies, so spending that much money will get you most of my attention. Behind him is a store regular wanting to sell a PS2 set.

As I'm ringing up the movie guy, a colorful character walks in and starts talking to the ps2 lady. They talked like they knew each other and I didn't think much of it. Until I started to actually look at the guy - he's dressed in street gear, which isn't too unusual, but he's got his jaw wired shut or something, and he's holding some kind of drink in his hand. He starts talking, and I see a Flavor Flav style metal grill in his teeth, and after a few words I figure out what kind of drink he's carrying - beer. I don't catch the whole converstation, but the ps2 lady points next door, and he leaves.

She walks up and I start to hook up her set to verify it works. She explains that he was soliciting her for some bus money, and she told him to try next door. She was creeped out by him, and said he's drunk and I should lock the front door. Not a bad idea, so I start to do that, when the store owner comes in - which takes some pressure off of me. We mention the colorful character, and speak of the devil, he strolls back in and starts yelling at everyone - "why'd you shend me necht door - they didn't give me no dolla either! Ya coulda just said no....." I thought he was going to punch the woman, the way he was looking at her. He then curses off everyone in the store, and the owner gets into it with him. It took a fake phone call to the cops to finally get him to leave.

I ask the owner if this is what I have to expect all the time. He said no, and thankfully Flavor hasn't returned to the store, probably nursing that jaw back to health, which I can pretty much guess someone caused with a large fist to his face. Makes me appreciate the geeks who come in and talk you to death that much more: at least they are non-threatening.

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