Saturday, August 12, 2006

One day while working a group of about four twenty-somethings came in and checked out the movie section of the store. They didn't seem to find what they wanted, so on the way out they asked me for the new edition of Wizard of Oz.

I thought it a little strange, since most younger people are more into new releases, horror, and the like......Wizard is a good movie, but old and black and white in some places........and colorless movies are like Kryptonite to todays youth. Lucky for them I had a copy behind the counter that I just resurfaced. I showed it to them, and you'd think I just handed them the winning lottery ticket. Smiles, high fives, shreaks of joy, maybe even an orgazism or two.

I had to make a comment on why they would get so exicted over that movie, and they dropped the urban legend on me: You know whats coming.......Pink Floyd.......Dark Side........The Wizard synching up perfectly. They said they were all going to take it home and verify that it worked. I wasn't informed as to what exactly Pink Floyd had to do with flying monkeys, so I demanded an explanation.

The leader of the group explained to me that if you start playing Dark Side right at the end of the thrid roar from the MGM lion, the music would synch up with the film. And not only once, you can set the CD to loop and the trick still works. But what exactly does "synch up" mean, I inquired? Well, sometimes it's the lips moving with the lyrics, sometimes it's the subject matter of the song with the plot of the movie, but it's appapently magical. I have yet to try this out for myself, but one day when I can gather up enough of my friends and find a used copy of Wizard, I'll have to see this for myself.

Then I thought of other versions that might work:
The Wiz / The latest 50 Cent CD
Bad Santa / Any Toby Keith CD
Showgirls / Any Britney Spears CD
Brokeback Mountain / Any Lance Bass CD

Try some out for yourself and see if you can discover any movies and music that synch up!


FettyS1 said...

I believe it also requires large amounts of should be able to acquire that in good 'ol B.W. ;)


Jake said...

Back when I was young and had yet to discover girls, I did this with a bunch of friends. Despite being completely sober, it was entertaining, and although far from magical, did illicit a few melodramatic oohs and aahs. Afterall, according to pink floyd it's completely coincidental.