Sunday, October 01, 2006

Murphy's Law in FULL effect

Screw Murphy.

Whoever she or he is. Why not make a more helpful law like Einstein or Newton.

No, you had to come up with "anything that can go wrong, will." (Seriously, anybody know who Murphy really is and where this came from?) Today the DVD resurfacer was on the fritz, and the strangest thing happens.

I can go three eight hour shifts without anyone coming in to fix a disc. Sometimes longer. Not many people know about our ability to fix scratched discs, much less use it. You know how many came in just today for that purpose? Around FIVE. How do they find out today's the least likely day to get a disc cleaning? It's beyond me.

One guy I felt really bad for - his computer crashed, and his Windows disc was completely rimmed. This happens when a CD device is turned on it's side or bumped with a disc in it (happens to the 360 a lot from what I hear). He was in this afternoon trying to get it cleaned so his computer would be up and running again. Kept saying he needed it up today......but that just didn't happen. He was muttering something about a "Mac..." on the way out though........


n0wak said...
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n0wak said...

All you need to know

Anonymous said...

"Today the DVD resurfacer was on the fritz"

DVD resurfacer, eh? That just sounds cool!

Nice blog. Well met.

Postman said...

Excellent reading, thanks n0wak, that answered my question!

Wizz - I've given the resurfacer a name, and since a good amount of people (on the blog and in the store) have shown an interest, it will be the focus of an upcoming post.....

peterheins said...

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