Thursday, October 05, 2006

The Movie Bin

So we have this bin of DVD's in the store...We sell them for 4.95 a piece. This bin brings a vast amount of characters about, but my personal favorite are the bin fixers. We keep the bin messy so people have to dig through it to find the movies they are looking for. This causes them to find other movies they want or bring back memories and they decide to buy them... Its actually amazing when u see how good it works.

So in digging for the movies this causes people to stack them up and fix the bin all nice and neat. I seen people spend like 20 minutes on fixing the bin..And even people who put it in alphabetical order. After they leave I'll usually go over and mess it all up again for the next person. Of course this caused a humorous story.

One time after the customer fixed the movies and left. He told me he fixed them...Like he did me a favor..So he left and I messed em back up..and he came in again...and was like...what happened to the movies? Me not wanting to get into it with em said oh someone came in after you i guess... so he runs outside and looks around and leaves...weird...guess some people are just bored...

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crabshk said...

oh, that's funny stuff, man. i often do that when i'm browsing through games in most stores! but it's not cuz of boredom. really, i swear. ;) (mentos888)