Thursday, March 15, 2007

Facing the slow times........

I've been getting some hours during weekdays recently, and Al Bundy just about sums it up here as he's waxing retrospective about his job. Although I, unlike Al, try to find something to do - sometime constructive, sometimes not - to pass the time. Here's what I've been finding myself doing lately:

- Sorting through the discount DVD bin (around 150 or so movies) only to take off the annoying SECURITY DEVICE ENCLOSED plastic strips on the top and bottom of the cases. These should be fully removed when you first buy the movie - people as so lazy these days.

- Making sure all the paper money in the registers are facing the same way. They say this makes it easier to spot counterfeit bills, or psychotic employees.

- Picking out used movies for the "cheesiest DVD in the universe EVER". Right now I've got it narrowed down to the Stallone classic "Deathrace 2000" and "Snakes on a Train". Yes, TRAIN.

- Performing amateur handwriting sample analysis on credit card receipts. "Sure Mr. Valez just spend 128.54 on his credit card, but his shaky lines and unclosed "A" indicate he couldn't afford it."


Unknown said...

Funny how a random individual like myself wanders onto seemingly another random individual's web blog about his day.

This blog was posted on my birthday, so kindred spirits? I think not, just going to post on it anyway since I read but don't comment usually on people's blogs. This one is going down in the books.

Now for something constructive: I know what you mean about those days where things past you on by, and you wonder what happened to the days when you were a starry eyed kid. You know those days... where the future seemed endless and the only thing you had to worry about was homework and the chores you had to do. Otherwise, it was gaming bliss; and you spent the rest of the other time finding ways to get more games, or be in your own fantasy where you're one of the characters in a fictional universe.

We all get older, and I became a year older on the date this blog posted. Funny how things seem to slip on by.

Unknown said...

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