Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Life imitates art.....and movies

In case you haven't figured it out yet, working at a game store is excatly like the movie Clerks. Hunter is the Randall to my Dante (I'm a bit bigger, he's Randall's build, and we both play hockey - go figure). Every customer you've seen in that movie has been in the store at least once.....

I had a younger kid bring back a Gamecube Wavebird wireless controller saying it didn't work. My first thought was that he didn't put batteries in, since we all know wireless technology is magic and runs on pixie dust and happy thoughts. But no, he had a full clip of AA's in the chamber.......

Then I asked if he set the dial on the controller to the same number as the dial on the receiver. The parents were with him, so the mother looks at him and says in a Mrs. Cartman voice, "did you know that, pookiekins?" And the kid was all like "sure, yeah, yeah, same number, yes, I made sure."

So I check the dials and the settings were not synched up. I fixed it, plugged it into a store Cube, and proceeded to play a game from about 10 feet away. The kid swore it still didn't work, and assumed since it didn't work at home before, it won't work for him still. Maybe he lives inside a smokestack and the signal can't penetrate air quality that thick. I talked him into taking it back home and trying it again. Ok, buying a used Wavebird without instructions may excuse you from not knowing about synching the dials, but don't say you did when you didn't, learn to trust the game clerks (oh, wait, Gamestop........never mind that last thought).

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