Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Closing shortly......

Day in the Life is drawing it's final breath (pun intended), er....more to say drawing its first breaths. This blog will cease to be updated shortly, as the format changes into an illustraded showcase. The adventures at our game store translate quite well into pictorial format, and it helps to have a talented artist in Bill Whitman.

Day in the Life blog will not be deleted, so those wanting to view old stories can still read them. Keep an eye on this page within the coming weeks for the link to the brand new site (complete with new name!)


Lochlan said...

WOW, I can not believe that you guys are ending this blog to create a rip off of penny arcade. Seriously, the art style is completely shameless. I enjoyed this site not only for its humor, but also because it wasn't only about the humor; it was about video games.

Say what you will, but I feel like the comic strip format could very easily degenerate into a series of weak punch lines for nerds. Not every post in a blog has to be funny. I feel like that pressure will emerge once it is a comic.

And, seriously, if you are going to do the comic thing, then why not do a blog in tandem? Doesn't seem like it would really be much more work for you, especially since you guys aren't even drawing it yourself being that its a collaborative project.

This is total weaksauce from where I stand. You guys might want to seriously reconsider the semiotic value of using the penny arcade art style for another video-game themed comic. The originality of this site is on its last legs, hopefully it will continue to stand.

animefanjr said...

No offence, but you really don't know what is going on. The final designs don't look like PA. We are not copying anyone, I have my own style and its a lot more anime-like and more detailed. We are doing something new and it will be good. We want to visualize the stories, so you will get both.

All the same humor and videogame stories will be there, we are adding to the site, it not making it worse. Ya there will be comics, but the stories will still be there, just as always. We are doing a blog and a comic.

You seem to think I didn't have anything to do with the blog, ya I haven't posted, but I have been here since the beginning. I have been a lot closer to this blog that you know.

Don't judge things you have no idea about. You are way off, I hope you will like what we are doing....

....In short, it will be the same but way better!

Lochlan said...

I really hope I enjoy it too, I am a big fan of this site.

And whether or not you have developed a style more akin to "anime" (manga?) now, you can't seriously think my criticism is so far off when the first illustrations you showed are *remarkably* similar to the PA style, for a comic that will have a theme very similar to PA.

I thought that you guys were doing away with the blog (that seemed to be the implication) in favor of the new comic strip format.

From the post(man): "This blog will cease to be updated shortly, as the format changes into an illustraded showcase."

So maybe there was a breakdown in communication, but according to this, the blog format will stop and the comic format will replace it.

I like comics, don't get me wrong, I just feel like the formats each have their own strengths and limitations, and I personally think that it would be a mistake to do a comic strip *instead of* the blog format. But doing both is just a big train of gravy.

animefanjr said...

I hear you, I am glad you like the site. I love it, and we want it to be even better! So we are adding to it, not taking away. I hope you will enjoy it.

Yes the first sketches are simular, they are also very bad, looking at what we have now. We are not out to copy, but do something new and enjoyable. I really hope you like it and we distinguish ourselves from the others.

I hope we meet yours and our fans expectations!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, plans did change a bit lochian - Hunter may still write in the current blog while Bill and I do the comic - so you guys might get the best of both worlds.....

Work continues! Stay tuned!!